Sabic to highlight sustainability at K 2019

  polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

Saudi Arabia-based chemicals company Sabic will highlight its commitment to circular solutions and reducing plastics waste under the theme of “making a world of difference together” during K 2019. 
The company will focus on “inspiring processes” for using bio-based renewable and recycled feedstock, as well as product designs that support recyclability, durability and optimal reuse, Sabic said in a June 26 statement.
The solutions will be available in a range of applications from electric vehicles to packaging.
The company will also highlight its recent investment in large-scale chemical recycling of waste plastic, using Plastic Energy Ltd.’s technology.
“Sabic has come one step closer to creating a circular economy by becoming the first in industry to scale up an innovative chemical recycling process of mixed plastic waste back to the original polymer, enabling downstream customers to develop high quality, recyclable product design solutions,” the company said.
Without supplying details, Sabic said it had developed “leading polymer solutions” for the manufacture of pure, lightweight packaging to extend shelf life of food and other perishable goods. 
The company will also be displaying its material technologies which enable phthalate- and peroxide-free solutions for the nonwovens industry.