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 DuPont Transportation & industrial (T&I), a division of DuPont, will showcase cutting-edge solutions and technology innovation at k2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

DuPont brings a deep understanding of market needs founded on years of experience in collaborating with customers.

Randy Stone, President: “Through our worldwide network of innovation and technical centres, we work closely with our customers to deliver the solutions that meet their market challenges and needs. From idea to design and production, we are proud to offer our customers unparalleled technical knowledge and expertise.”

At K 2019, DuPont T&I will present innovation-driven solutions for groundbreaking product applications in the areas of advanced mobility, enabled connections and smarter healthcare.

Advanced mobility

Transportation is evolving to meet the needs of passengers and the planet, where tomorrow’s cars will be electric, autonomous, shared and connected. DuPont brings its automotive heritage, expertise and materials capabilities together to K 2019 through the AHEAD (Accelerating Hybrid-Electric Autonomous Driving) initiative.

Enabled connections

In the constantly ‘on’ world that constitutes today’s living, industrial and personal devices need to make fast, reliable and secure connections. DuPont puts the user first by focusing on meeting critical industry demands for high-speed and reliable connections, environmental sustainability, and design flexibility.

Smarter healthcare

DuPont is helping to transform patients’ lives through collaborations and partnerships to stay ahead of global trends such as the growing and ageing population, personalised medicine and the use of connected medical devices.

The company immerses its knowledge into the customers’ businesses, bringing expertise to silicone and polymer formulations that are dedicated to highly critical, regulated healthcare applications.

Visit DuPont at K 2019 in Hall 6, Booth C43.