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  • KraussMaffei exhibits closed material and manufacturing circuit at K 2019


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    KraussMaffei will continue its technological pioneering in the preparation and reuse of recycled plastics at this year's k trade fair .

    Packaging products fulfil their purposes quickly, so KraussMaffei has asked why can they not be used as raw materials for new high-tech articles in the automotive industry? At K 2019, the company will be demonstrating how a bucket can become a premium panel of an A-pillar with an overmoulded fabric surface. A ZE 28 BluePower twin-screw extruder makes this possible by upcycling the material.

    KraussMaffei exhibits closed material and manufacturing circuit at K 2019

    Under the keyword of the circular economy, KraussMaffei is linking its extrusion, injection moulding machinery and digital and service solutions business units at the trade fair.

    KraussMaffei as an enabler

    Edelweiss Compounding is intended to make on-site compounding more attractive to recycling companies and plastics manufacturers. Matthias Sieverding, President of the Extrusion Technology Segment at KraussMaffei, said: "We view ourselves as enablers of the circular economy for our customers so that they can be successful as part of this economy. KraussMaffei is aware of its responsibility and, as one of the world market leaders, wants to occupy a leading role in the areas of recycling, upcycling and recompounding of plastics."

    Both in extrusion and injection moulding, the third participating KraussMaffei business unit at the K trade show, Digital Service & Solutions, will be showcasing products such as APC Plus (Adaptive Process Control) and DataXplorer.

    APC Plus monitors the injection moulding process and adapts it to balance interference factors such as fluctuations between batches and in climate. In injection moulding, this is done via the internal material database and the online analysis of the melt viscosity, as well as by adjusting the holding pressure changeover point and level, even within the same cycle. In extrusion, the melt temperature, pressure and screw speed are recorded. 

    The DataXplorer makes a detailed view of the depth of the process possible because it is capable of storing up to 500 signals every five milliseconds. 

    All data resulting from this is routed to the new data system, which is being introduced at K 2019.

    Digital services help ensure the quality of production and products, prevent rejects, and thus also contribute to resource-conserving production. 

     KraussMaffei is enhancing its joint effort with partners and customers to develop new business units regarding the reuse of plastics.



  • Macro showcasing latest technology for sustainable packaging at K 2019



    Macro showcasing latest technology for sustainable packaging at K 2019

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    Canadian film and sheet extrusion systems manufacturer Macro Engineering & Technology Inc is focusing its K 2019 efforts on sustainability and introducing its latest developed technologies in extrusion systems.

    Macro’s newly advanced technology for sustainable packaging features the new MacroPack FP die; faster transition times and less waste; lower film thickness; more uniform layer thickness, enabling reduced usage of expensive resins and total gauge; new designs for screws and barrels to allow for a higher recycling content; and the control system with ‘ReadyRun’ technology, enabling the operator to bring back frequently used recipes with the push of a button.

    As well as significantly reducing changeover times, Macro’s latest technology advancements also offer retrofitting on air rings, blown film dies and custom winding machinery.

    Furthermore, the Quadex biax systems enable ‘double bubble’ with and without PVdC with improved technology to broaden the process window.

  • Marchante SAS strives for a sustainable film industry at K 2019



    Marchante SAS strives for a sustainable film industry at K 2019

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    For this year’s K Show, Marchante SAS reaffirms its commitment to productivity, efficiency and high-quality machinery, and will proudly celebrate Director Inocente Marchante’s 40 years in the Biax industry.

    Marchante began his carrier in the Biax industry in 1979 and has been hailed as a game-changer in production processes and machinery developments for more than 150 lines worldwide for BOPP, BOPET, BOPS, BOPA, PETG.

    As the Technical Director in charge of technological process of plastic materials, stretching and transformation, he is the inventor of the first Mechanical Simultaneous systems on the market, and firmly believes in simultaneous stretching for the sake of production simplification, energy cost reduction, and the transition to promising material developments.

    Gathering biax experts, he founded family-owned company Marchante SAS to support film producers through their projects. He began implementing sophisticated films and delicate processes, of which the Simultaneous Stretcher MASIM, for packaging, food, automotive and energy industries, is one.

    The MASIM is a modular Simultaneous Stretching system that has proved its efficiency in terms of high homogeneity results and optimum mechanical properties for delicate films such as Battery Separator film for Lithium based batteries, PA, or PE, and is now available for PS, PI or PTFE.

    The clips are designed to stretch thin film down to 5μm, and mostly to reduce edge waste creation during production due to the very short distance clip-to-clip before and after stretching.

    With the thinnest clips on the market, film thickness and flatness is ensured from inlet to outlet without turbulence, thus producing an optimal width of high grade film.

    As a manufacturer of machinery for bi-oriented film producers, Marchante SAS pursues engagement towards and with a more efficient and cleaner industry. To this end, the company is developing a process to produce sheets for thermoforming, with 100 per cent rPET.

  • Meech to display its newest static control and web cleaning technology at K 2019



    Meech to display its newest static control and web cleaning technology at K 2019

    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    Meech International will be showcasing its recent technological developments at K 2019, including the new CyClean R web cleaner, Hyperion IonCHarge50 and IonCharge30 static generators, and the Hyperion 960IPS, Meech’s newest static control bar.

    Meech will also be displaying its full, long-standing, and well established static control and web cleaning product range.

    Ralph Simon, Sales Director at Meech Elektrostatik, said: “K is a huge event in the calendar for Meech.”

    “With so many specialist companies in attendance, the platform the event provides for us is invaluable. We are delighted to be highlighting the role that Meech plays within the plastics and rubber industries by presenting both our well established products and the newts additions to our web cleaning and static control ranges.”

  • motan colortronic to introduce new SPECTROPLUS dosing system at K 2019



    motan colortronic to introduce new SPECTROPLUS dosing system at K 2019

    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    At K 2019, motan colortronic will introduce its new SPECTROPLUS dosing and mixing unit that can be adapted to the most diverse dosing requirements.

    Specially developed for the extrusion and compounding sector, the SPECTROPLUS ensures perfect and constant dosing for continuous processes.

    As one of the most flexible motan systems, the synchronous dosing and mixing unit can be supplied in either gravimetric of or volumetric versions, or a combination, and for both starve-fed and flood-fed extrusion systems.

    Up to eight dosing modules are mounted on a frame and can easily be removed and installed without tools.

    The exchangeable dosing modules as well as the easy-to-clean dosing hopper enable a quick material change and therefore shorter production downtimes.

    The installation is not only simple, but also saves space due to its compact design.

    Using simple individual adapters, the SPECTROPLUS can be mounted directly on the machine feeder of the extruder or on a customer-specific mezzanine.

    To complete the unit, a completely new control system has been developed.

    The SPECTROnet system can control not only motan’s own dosing modules, but also third-party ones, and has increased the scope of application through advanced software and new high-quality hardware.

  • NDC Technologies to unveil HazePro gauge at K Show 2019



    NDC Technologies to unveil HazePro gauge at K Show 2019

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    NDC Technologies will debut its new HazePro gauge at the upcoming K Show.

    The company believes this advancement enables plastic manufacturers to accurately and reliably measure the haze of plastic films online and report in real time on this critical process information.

    Haze is a critical quality parameter for plastic films, various plastic sheet products and other transparent materials.

    NDC’s new HazePro gauge measures the haze of both narrow and wide films online with the highest accuracy and reliability.

    Film applications include optical, packaging, flexible packaging, agricultural, solar panel, coatings on glass (such as solar panels), anti-glare on computer screens and other uses. NDC’s haze measurement complies with ASTM standard D1003 for transparent materials.

    HazePro will be demonstrated on NDC’s Mini-Trak O-Frame scanner and iView Pro.net process controller.

    Using tablets, users will get a close-up look at NDC’s versatile FilmPro infrared gauge for precisely measuring the basis weight and thickness of clear, voided, pigmented, cavitated, porous, translucent coloured and black tinted films.

    The measurement capability of FilmPro extends to single- or multi-layer products including biaxially-orientated films, cast films and stretch films. It can simultaneously measure the individual thicknesses of up to 6 different layers in co-extruded films.

    In addition to the HazePro and virtual exhibitions, NDC will be presenting its complete line of measurement and control solutions for biax film and sheet, blown film, cast film and sheet extrusion applications.


  • New compounds extend applications for bio-based thermoplastics



    New compounds extend applications for bio-based thermoplastics

    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir


     FKuR will be showcasing its expanded portfolio of bio-based thermoplastics for a growing range of applications including packaging, consumer products, sporting goods and technical parts at K 2019.

    Current additions to the portfolio include two glass-reinforced grades within the Bio-Flex and Terralene product family, both with high rigidity, and three Terraprene TPE grades, one of which is characterised by its high bio-content, while the other two are oil-free. 

    Carmen Michels, Member of the Executive Board of FKuR, said: "At K 2019 we present ourselves as one of the suppliers with the world's broadest portfolios of biodegradable and bio-based plastics, for all processing methods from injection moulding, profile and film extrusion, blow moulding and thermoforming, right through to 3D printing.

    “The addition of glass fibre-reinforced bioplastics and oil-free and bio-based TPE grades to our portfolio now opens up additional market segments for these sustainable materials, especially in the broad range of technical applications.”

    Visitors to the FKuR booth are promised a wealth of information about biopolymers and their applications, and a 350ml reusable cup filled with freshly brewed coffee, for which dom Polymer-Technik uses plastics from the FKuR portfolio.

    The cup and its lid are made from bio-based PE compound Terralene HD 4527, and the cover flap is made fropm bio-based Green HDPE SHA 7260 from ‘I'm green’ PE grades from Braskem. The cuff is made from Terraprene SI 601, a grade of partially bio-based TPE compounds from FKuR.

    This practical giveaway demonstrates how disposables can be replaced with reusable products, and how their advantages can be further enhanced by the choice of sustainable materials.

  • New PA6 compounds outperform standard predecessors


    New PA6 compounds outperform standard predecessors

    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    Creamid P Series PA6 compounds absorb nearly one-third less water at saturation than standard grades, provide 15-25% improved tensile properties in the conditioned state, and exhibit higher flow and excellent surface characteristics, even in highly glass-filled formulations, according to Teknor Apex, who will introduce the compounds at K 2019.

    The Creamid P series is the newest product family of higher performance specialty polyamide compounds designed by Teknor Apex for structural components in metal replacement applications. The compounds are based on advanced formulation technology that Teknor Apex can be applied to lower the moisture uptake of a broad range of polyamide 6- and 6/66-based compounds. These include grades with various types and loadings of reinforcements or fillers, as well as impact-modified toughened grades and other specialty compounds. Creamid P Series compounds can further employ an advanced heat stabilisation system that extends continuous use temperature.

    At K 2019 the company will introduce the first two Creamid P compounds with 30 per cent and 50 per cent glass fibre content. Dry as moulded, these compounds exhibit about 80 per cent reduction in water uptake after 24 hours as compared to standard PA 6, and about 30% per cent lower upon saturation.

    In the conditioned state these new grades, Creamid P2H7G6 and Creamid P3H2G10, exhibit higher tensile elastic modulus and strength at break.   

    Markus Krippner, Director of New Business Development ETP, said: “The improved tensile properties of Creamid P compounds enable them to meet the demands of certain structural applications where, traditionally, PA 6 compounds did not perform due to high moisture uptake. In some cases, they may provide a practical alternative to polyamide 66 compounds as well.”

    In spiral flow tests, the new compounds exhibit higher flow than comparable grades of standard PA 6 yet similar levels of mould shrinkage, enabling them to be processed with existing equipment and tooling. 

    Creamid P compounds are available globally. Several standard grades are available, but as a custom compounder, Teknor Apex works closely with each client to develop a material that meets their specific end-use requirements.

    Hall 6, Booth C58-01

  • Nordmann at K 2019: Knowledge in action




    Nordmann at K 2019: Knowledge in action

    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    International chemicals distributor Nordmann will be exhibiting at the upcoming K fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, alongside partners: Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri (FFE), Honeywell, Kraton, Nyacol and PMC.

    For Nordmann, this year’s fair will mean focusing on raw materials that meet the market’s high demand for sustainability in plastics.

    Jost E. Laumeyer, Global Sales Director Plastics, said: “At Nordmann, we believe in the sensible and sustainable use of plastic products. For us, it’s important to remember that plastics are more than just raw materials; they are recyclable materials.”

    Appearing at the Düsseldorf trade fair with some of its key partners underscores Nordmann’s aim to continue making technical and commercial expertise internationally visible. Nordmann sees potential for growth in continuing to develop as a solutions provider, taking an active role in supporting the complex projects of its business partners and getting their products established on the market. “This calls for trust and close partnerships, and at Nordmann we are continuously investing in both,” added Laumeyer.

    As a leading international distributor, Nordmann lives out its brand values of ‘Visible’, ‘International’ and ‘Partnership’ through close co-operation with suppliers and customers. As a result, the company has an extensive international network and a wide-ranging product portfolio, which has recently been expanded and speaks for the Nordmann strategy of growing with its partners and remaining open to further diversification.

    For Nordmann, K provides an ideal platform upon which to introduce its team and its partners as solutions providers in chemical distribution to a large and international audience.

  • Numerous Promix highlights at K 2019





    Numerous Promix highlights at K 2019

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    , Numerous Promix leading supplier of foam extrusion systems, static mixers and melt coolers, will be presenting several highlights at k2019 (Hall 9, Booth E32).

    Under the motto ‘Yes, we foam!’ the company would like to open the dialogue on how Promix Physical Foaming Systems could help save raw material cost, improve foam quality and reduce carbon footprints.

    To complement the product portfolio, Promix is also launching PROCELL, a newly developed chemical nucleating agent promising the smallest cell sizes and highest foam quality.

    The Swiss company has advanced its physical foaming technology with eco-friendly CO2 or N2 blowing agents. Promix has more than 200 industrial installations, including a number of OEMs that have successfully integrated Promix foam extrusion technology into their extrusion lines.

    At K 2019, Promix will showcase the relevant key components for physical foaming and exchange information on experiences and possibilities within the specific application fields.

    Industrial application references range from packaging film and thermoformed sheet made of PP, PS and PET, PP and PE boards, foam core and corrugated pipes made from PP and TPE, as well as profiles made from PA, ABS and other materials.

    Foaming of cable sheathing has become another recent and successful application, and an increasing interest for physical foaming has been observed in extrusion blow moulding, which is why Kautex Maschinenbau (Hall 14, Booth A16-A18) is presenting a running line with an integrated, machine-adapted Promix foam extrusion system to demonstrate production of a foamed water bottle at the exhibition.

    Another example is a foamed PET cup for hot-fill applications, which has been developed by SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH, (Hall 17, booth C39-C42).

  • RIKUTEC showcasing multilayer blow moulding machines at K

    RIKUTEC showcasing multilayer blow moulding machines at K

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

     RIKUTEC Group, a leading blow moulding technology specialist, will showcase its high-precision, multilayer machines and fast-cooling moulds alongside a range of technical blow moulded products at k 2019 (Hall 14, Booth B13).

    The Germany-based company pursues a holistic approach with regard to products and services, utilizing its vast technology expertise and decades of manufacturing knowhow.

    Stefan Eichelhardt, Director of RIKUTEC’s Engineering Business Unit, said: “Our customers value us as a full-service provider. We cover the entire value chain from the production of raw materials, machinery and plant engineering to product design and series production of large-volume plastic containers. In addition, we offer our customers services covering all aspects of our broad product portfolio.”    

    RIKUTEC will highlight the industrial packaging industry’s first all-plastic Twin Drum which meets stringent demands of the Packaging Group 1 regulations as specified by the ADR European agency for safe storage and transport of highly aggressive chemicals.

    The blow moulded ‘tank in a tank’, which offers secondary containment, also meets UN-sanctioned approvals in Europe and US. The 200-litre Twin Drum effectively stores and transports highly aggressive chemicals in an ultra-clean environment. RIKUTEC’s patented multilayer coextrusion blow moulding technology manufactures products from 100 to 10,000-litres in a single shot.

    The company will also discuss its latest effort to tackle the plastic waste issue with the development of highly sustainable materials. RIKUTEC can use up to 100 per cent HDPE recyclate for the production of blow moulded products.  

    CEO Bodo Richter added: “The circular economy is and will remain the topic of the future. Many external factors are currently affecting the plastics industry – we, as manufacturers of machines and HDPE products manufactured by blow moulding, are trying to help shape the sustainable change in the plastics industry.”

  • Roemheld Rivi to promote magnetic die clamping at K


    Roemheld Rivi to promote magnetic die clamping at K

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    Last year Roemheld Rivi, a manufacturer of magnetic clamping plates for securing dies and moulds, enjoyed growth in sales in all areas of the plastics processing industry, as well as in forming technology.

    In 2019, order numbers and revenue continue to grow with products now available in the UK through Roemheld UK, Hitchin.

    At the k 2019 trade fair, the company will not only stress its prominence in both the plastics and rubber industries. It is the only magnetic die clamping company to have the technology to operate in the latter sector due to the ability of its M-TECS series plates to withstand temperatures up to 240°C.

    Dies and moulds made from ferromagnetic materials can be clamped and subsequently released over their full surface area and high plate stiffness resists bending. The systems work without electrical power and require only a short current pulse lasting a few seconds to activate and deactivate the magnets.

    Permanent magnets generate a field that penetrates a few millimetres into the tool and hold even heavy mould halves weighing several tonnes in the correct position, bringing them together with absolute parallelity.

    Even moulds with complex geometries can be precisely clamped without deformation. Uniform distribution of the clamping force ensures low die wear.

    Every magnetic clamping system is customised by Roemheld Rivi using standardised components and is virtually maintenance-free. Solutions can be configured flexibly with regard to size, geometry, clamping force and fittings, and are available on short delivery. They can generally be retrofitted to existing machines within just a few hours.

    Also to be announced at K 2019 is the formation of a new network comprising 15 service locations throughout Europe and one each in the US, China and Japan.

    Intensively trained Roemheld Rivi engineers will provide enhanced support for customers in their native languages, and each centre will have access to replacement parts to speed service and support.

  • SIGMA presenting SIGMAinterac at K 2019



    SIGMA presenting SIGMAinterac at K 2019

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    At this year’s K Show SIGMA Engineering will align its booth concept with the motto ‘SIGMAinteract – Autonomous Optimization connects departments’ and present its new SIGMAinteract.

    In a co-operation project, SIGMA will show how to use virtual DoE during the entire development process. With SIGMAinteract, results are displayed interactively and in 3D. Thus, its usage makes knowledge tangible and easy to share.

    At the SIGMA booth in Hall 13, Booth B31, this immediately becomes visible with a completely new design concept.

    Making informed decisions throughout a project requires involvement from partners in various departments. This means project data must be provided to each participant and they will need free and easy access to it. Therefore, SIGMA presents its new SIGMAinteract so that users can share SIGMASOFT results interactively and in 3D.

    Visitors can experience and use SIGMAinteract live at the booth, where SIGMA will demonstrate how virtual DoE is used most efficiently and how the SIGMAinteract tool significantly contributes to a good interdisciplinary exchange. As a demonstration, SIGMA uses the project ‘Pot Cloth’, which was realised as a collaborative project with Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Germany, EMDE MouldTec GmbH, Germany, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH, Austria, and Nexus Elastomer Systems GmbH, Austria.

    In this project part design and tool construction were done in parallel. Therefore, it was necessary for all partners to work closely together. Simultaneously, SIGMA conducted a virtual DoE for the validation of the part design and the evaluation of the heating concept.

    At the SIGMA booth visitors can also virtually observe the production of the ‘Pot Cloth’ live. It will be produced on a SmartPower 90/350, control UNILOG B8, from Wittmann Battenfeld. The LSR injection moulding tool, including the cold runner system, was constructed by EMDE MouldTec. The system is completed by a ServoMix X200 dosing system from Nexus Elastomer Systems. Silopren LSR 2640 from Momentive Performance Materials is used as material for the production.

  • Solvay spotlights sustainable mobility and resource efficiency at K 2019



      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    At k 2019 Solvay will reveal developments in thermoplastic composites, a lightweighting material that enhances the group’s sustainable mobility objectives and enables resource-efficient solutions for customers in aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas.

  • UTH to present extended product range at K 2019

    UTH to present extended product range at K 2019 

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

  • Vecoplan bringing efficient solutions to K



    Vecoplan bringing efficient solutions to K

      polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir

    In Hall 9, Booth B59, Vecoplan AG will be exhibiting machines and systems that shred, convey and process primary and secondary raw materials. Visitors will be able to get their first glimpse of a highly efficient shredder equipped with a flexible drive concept.

    One of the key challenges facing today’s world is to maintain an environment worth living in for future generations. However, a future without plastics is barely conceivable and the downsides are visible everywhere – for example, in the form of uncollected waste that pollutes the land and the seas.

    This can be prevented by means of correctly functioning recycling management. The demands on recycling activities are very exacting. The purer the material, the more easily it can be processed and used to produce new high-quality products.Thanks to its solutions, Vecoplan AG is part of this value chain and has been a successful, reliable partner to the recycling industry for many years. These solutions can be perfectly adapted to the technical characteristics of plastic and the downstream recycling process. They meet the high demands in terms of availability and profitability.

    At K 2019, Vecoplan will be demonstrating a further milestone in mechanical processing to industry specialists in the form of a single-stage shredder from its new VIZ series (Vecoplan Infinity Shredders). The machine has been designed in such a way that, depending on the requirements, it can be equipped either with the high-torque, quick-start HiTorc drive from the proven VAZ or with the ESC, Vecoplan’s frequency-controlled, belt-type direct drive.

    Both systems are patented and impress through their great energy efficiency. Visitors to the K will be able to find out more detailed information.

    Vecoplan offers solutions for mechanical and chemical processing. The mechanical engineering company is thus represented at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum in Düsseldorf. ‘Plastic-to-fuel’ systems convert different types of waste plastic into diesel or petroleum fuel, for example.

    Vecoplan provides the high-performance shredding technology required by these systems in order to process the input material appropriately.

  • Wittmann Battenfeld at K 2019


    polymer & packaging news agency - www.ppna.ir


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