• Commodore Technology highlights thermoformers at K



    Commodore Technology highlights thermoformers at K

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    Commodore Technology, a Dolco Packaging business, will be highlighting its line of expanded polystyrene meat tray, plate and hinged-lid container thermoformers at K 2019.   

    Commodore manufacturers five different narrow web thermoformers ranging from 16-44 inches to accommodate a wide range of container and tray producing needs. Commodore sells its equipment outside of the US to thermoformers interested in low or medium output. The equipment has been designed for quick changeover, ease-of-access and flexibility. Commodore also manufacturers extruders and provides tooling for turnkey thermoforming solutions.

    Chuck Gallagher, Vice President, Business Development at Dolco Packaging, said: “What distinguishes Commodore from other thermoforming equipment manufacturers is that we actually run our equipment 24/7, producing parts that we sell into the US marketplace. Because we are equipment operators, as well as equipment manufacturers, we have used our production experience to engineer the best possible units. This means that offshore manufacturers can benefit from our 30 years of equipment manufacturing experience.” 

    Another benefit of Commodore’s equipment design is that all of the tooling (mould sets) are interchangeable across the entire line. This gives manufacturers a significant amount of flexibility. Further, the 22-30 inch-wide web enables fast changeover in less than 2.5 hours, giving smaller producers more flexibility to change container types and colours.

    Commodore equipment features an electrically-operated servo motor index. This enables control of the sheet advance via chain rails with adjustable entry guides. Furthermore, Commodore can connect remotely worldwide to any of its machines for troubleshooting.

  • GN to launch new thermoformer at K 2019


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     GN Thermoforming Equipment a leading manufacturer of servo-driven, roll-fed thermoforming machines will launch its new GN580 Thermoformer at K 2019.

    The new form/cut/stack thermoformer is ideal for food, medical, and industrial packaging markets.

    The GN580 Thermoformer is a smaller version of the GN800 launched at K 2016. The launch of the new GN models, part of GN’s strategic growth plans, has proven to be very successful, according to Jerome Romkey, President of GN Thermoforming Equipment. “Our customers have fully embraced the new products and the GN800 is regarded as a highly productive and reliable machine within the industry,” said Romkey. “We continue to provide an industry-leading level of service and support, giving customers added confidence when launching new machines like the GN580.”   

    At K 2019, the GN580 will run PCR PET with a common-edge tool, producing meat trays with minimal scrap. Over the years, GN has perfected the common-edge-cut tooling technology for their line of thermoformers. Common-edge tooling offers the ability to form a series of square or rectangular trays in a row or multiple rows while eliminating the web between the products.

    The high-production GN580 thermoformer with integrated steel rule cutting press and stacking station is used for the cost-effective manufacturing of packaging products made from all thermoformable materials. The most distinctive features of the GN580 are the high degree of automation as well as the ease of tool change. 

    The GN580 has a forming area of 580mm x 465mm and a cycle time of 45 cycles/min at full stroke. The machine forms 120mm deep parts above and below the sheet line. It also features an operator-friendly HMI with integrated diagnostics and remote connection, an energy recovery system incorporated in all drives, and maintenance-free precision roller bearings in the toggles.

    The GN580 offers additional options suited to specific customers’ requirements and it can be further customised for certain applications. The thermoformer provides additional flexibility by accepting tools from many of the competitors’ machines. 

    GN’s family of thermoformers continues to offer advanced technology while being flexible and user-friendly.

    Among the top priorities of GN’s customer-focused approach are improving productivity and ensuring that customers produce the most finished parts per pound of sheet. 

  • Kiefel simplifies thermoforming with next-gen Speedformer


    Kiefel simplifies thermoforming with next-gen Speedformer

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    Kiefel GmbH has created the Speedformer KMD 78.2 Speed to showcase at K2019 in Düsseldorf (Hall 3, Booth E90), where visitors are invited to experience the machine live.

    The new generation of Kiefel steel rule machines offers the usual quality with even greater productivity and energy efficiency.

    Erwin Wabnig, Director Packaging Division at Kiefel, said: "The new generation of machines is fast and reliable. Operators, even without specific training, can operate them intuitively. Ergonomics and data transparency are a matter of course. And of course, in addition to common materials and products, our new system can also process novel film materials and produce even complex products whilst consuming a minimal amount of energy."

    The Kiefel designers focused on higher productivity, process control and availability, as well as trend-setting intuitive user guidance with considerable added value in operation and maintenance.

    The new KMD generation not only saves energy, but film. A newly developed film feed table guides the film to the film transport system. The proven station drives stabilise and work symmetrically, and the optimised forming air vacuum system enables customers to produce superior moulded parts.

    The ergonomic tool change systems, one among many improvements, can significantly shorten set-up times too.

    Intelligent User Guidance

    ‘Simple and intuitive’ is the motto of human interaction with the KMD 78.2 Speed. Pictograms and graphics, some animated, support the adjustment of machine parameters and aid fault diagnosis and rectification if necessary.

    The new KMD generation only needs a few parameters to be input, the rest are automatically determined by onboard algorithms. The display shows the entire forming process and other important functions are just a click away.

    Wabnig added: "In order to optimally adapt the new KMD generation for our customers, we have increased our requirements. On this basis, we have developed a state-of-the-art system in co-operation with universities, and internal and external experts, that simplifies our customers' daily manufacturing."

  • Sencorp Modifies Thermoforming Machines for Face Masks


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    Sencorp Thermoforming, a division of Sencorp White, Hyannis, Mass., has modified its thermforming machines to make face masks for the medical professionals combating the Covid-19 pandemic.  Last week, the company’s team successfully modified two machines. Each unit has the capability to produce about three million face masks/week.

    Medical workers and first responders in the U.S. are short on the supply of N95 protective face masks and shields. These essential components of personal protective equipment (PPE) help safeguard clinicians from accidental droplets containing coronavirus as they tend to patients, work in labs, and assist at drive-through testing facilities.  


    Sencorp Modifies Thermoforming Machines for Face Masks


    Said Brian Golden, Secorp v.p., "We received a call from a large PPE manufacturer of face masks to see if we could respond quickly to the unprecedented global demand. We converted two 2500 style machines typically used for consumer products in the plastic industry to run the material used in the production of the N95 masks. Our talented staff of machine builders stepped up to the challenge. With necessary modifications two machines were prepped for shipment in less than a week. Each machine is capable of producing about 3 million masks per week."


    Sencorp’s president and CEO Brian Urban also credited the company's skilled workforce for their dedication during this national emergency. "Despite concern for themselves and their families, our dedicated employees are working in staggered shifts to meet this unprecedented demand. These sophisticated thermoforming machines require a large skilled workforce that SencorpWhite has in place. In addition, unlike others, we are self-sufficient, manufacturing parts in-house so we can quickly respond in urgent situations like this. Our machines are proudly Made in America right here on Cape Cod."

    Added Sencorp thermoforming supervisor Keith Blackwell, "We are happy to do our part. It is not without its challenges, but we are here to help. There is nothing more important than keeping our healthcare workers safe. They are the most important resource in this crisis."



    The company has several product lines that are critical in the supply chain across America, including vertical carousels used within hospital pharmacies, medical supplies distribution, and grocery pickup. Also included are medical pouch and tray sealing machines that protect medical devices, consumables, and clinical supplies and the company’s software which is said to drive efficiency in the distribution and manufacturing supply chain.


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