New PA6 compounds outperform standard predecessors

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Creamid P Series PA6 compounds absorb nearly one-third less water at saturation than standard grades, provide 15-25% improved tensile properties in the conditioned state, and exhibit higher flow and excellent surface characteristics, even in highly glass-filled formulations, according to Teknor Apex, who will introduce the compounds at K 2019.

The Creamid P series is the newest product family of higher performance specialty polyamide compounds designed by Teknor Apex for structural components in metal replacement applications. The compounds are based on advanced formulation technology that Teknor Apex can be applied to lower the moisture uptake of a broad range of polyamide 6- and 6/66-based compounds. These include grades with various types and loadings of reinforcements or fillers, as well as impact-modified toughened grades and other specialty compounds. Creamid P Series compounds can further employ an advanced heat stabilisation system that extends continuous use temperature.

At K 2019 the company will introduce the first two Creamid P compounds with 30 per cent and 50 per cent glass fibre content. Dry as moulded, these compounds exhibit about 80 per cent reduction in water uptake after 24 hours as compared to standard PA 6, and about 30% per cent lower upon saturation.

In the conditioned state these new grades, Creamid P2H7G6 and Creamid P3H2G10, exhibit higher tensile elastic modulus and strength at break.   

Markus Krippner, Director of New Business Development ETP, said: “The improved tensile properties of Creamid P compounds enable them to meet the demands of certain structural applications where, traditionally, PA 6 compounds did not perform due to high moisture uptake. In some cases, they may provide a practical alternative to polyamide 66 compounds as well.”

In spiral flow tests, the new compounds exhibit higher flow than comparable grades of standard PA 6 yet similar levels of mould shrinkage, enabling them to be processed with existing equipment and tooling. 

Creamid P compounds are available globally. Several standard grades are available, but as a custom compounder, Teknor Apex works closely with each client to develop a material that meets their specific end-use requirements.

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