Freek bringing novelties to K 2019

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German-based heating element specialist Friedr.Freek is presenting two novelties at K 2019. Their square cartridge heaters and alternative nozzle heaters have numerous mechanical, economic and ecological advantages.

For heating metal plates or surfaces to temperatures higher than 200°C, common round cartridge heaters and tubular heaters are usually the means of choice. The latter are normally pre-bent and installed into grooves before cast in a heat-conductive compound. This procedure is complex and for small quantities very expensive. The same applies for deep-hole bores for cartridge heaters.

Heating plates with square cartridge heaters

Freek has dealt with this difficulty and developed soft, malleable square cartridge heaters that don’t require pre-bending but can be processed straight before being laid and pressed into rectangular grooves with simple tools. Doing so is economic and efficient for the production of small quantities.

In addition to the square cartridge heaters, the German heating experts will focus on energy-efficient nozzle heaters at K 2019. Freek has gained valuable knowledge from recently conducted experimental studies on the energy-saving potential of alternative nozzle heater constructions.

Freek illustrates this topic to the K 2019 audience with the example of an Otto Hofstetter 48-cavity PET hot runner, which the company believes will attract much attention to the Freek booth (Hall 11, Booth A01).


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