Atlas showcases state-of-the-art weathering instruments

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Atlas, the global leader in materials testing, will demonstrate its suite of advanced weathering test instruments for polymer and plastic materials and products at K 2019.

Hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany, between 16 and 23 October, the K Show is held every three years and is the leading international trade fair for the plastics and rubber industries.

Some of the most widely used man-made materials, polymers and plastics span an exceptionally diverse range of material chemistries and properties. As such, the products in which they are used range from relatively short lifespans, such as packaging materials, to long-lived service applications such as automobiles and building materials.

Adding complexity, plastic products are formulated with various colorants and functional or performance enhancing additives. Because of these, polymer degradation chemistry and product weathering results can be highly specific to the service environment, base resin chemistry, compound formulation and processing.

In short, accelerated laboratory durability testing of plastics and polymers is exceptionally challenging and requires high-performance testing instruments to reliably predict service lifetimes or pass exacting specifications.

Atlas’ lightfastness and weathering instruments lead the plastics and polymer industries in testing performance, with many test methods having been specifically designed around the capabilities of Atlas instruments.


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