Clariant, Merck and SABIC partner to perfect laser marking

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Clariant has teamed up with pigment supplier Merck and resin producer SABIC to develop laser-marking technology and materials to ease the recycling process for LDPE, LLDPE packaging film.

The results of the collaboration will be presented at K 2019.

Chun-Yip Pang, Clariant’s Global Product Manager Additive Masterbatches – Laser, said: “This collaboration is focused on eliminating the printing ink used for tracking, shelf-life, bar codes and other variable information that must be placed on almost any package on the market. Less ink means less contamination when it comes to recycling.”

The collaboration demonstrates a complete supply-chain solution for laser-marking of films. As the resin supplier, SABIC contributes the polymer technology that delivers the properties required in the film packaging. SABIC can also supply a wide variety of polymers in its portfolio as a certified circular polymer, contributing even more to sustainable packaging.

Laser-sensitive Iriotec pigments and marking expertise are provided by Merck, while Clariant developed the additive masterbatch formulations for use in film extrusion.

Because most plastics are transparent to the radiation used in laser-marking, the additives are necessary for a visible reaction in the film. The marks are permanent and resistant to water, oil, grease or fatty foods. They can be applied to the surface of a mono-layer film, or a laser-sensitive layer can be placed behind a laser-transparent surface layer.

The additives provide excellent contrast and allow high-speed marking.

At K 2019, the collaborators will show several examples of laser-marked packaging films and pouches.


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