Reifenhäuser Reicofil shortens delivery for meltblown lines

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Reifenhauser has converted two of its R&D lines at its nonwovens technology center in Troisdorf, Germany to full-production system for making meltblown material for face masks.

In a press released issued by the company, it said the two meltblown lines will be operated in four-shift operation 24/7, which it says will produce enough PP material to make 1 million face masks a day. Trial operations will be almost completely suspended during this period. Said Michael Maas, who is responsible for the Reifenhauser nonwoven test plant: “Due to the corona pandemic, the customer visits and tests that were actually planned have increasingly been cancelled, so that plant capacities and personnel capacities have been freed up anyway. Switching the plant from test to production operation therefore makes double sense.”


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