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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery will release its myConnect web-based software solution at K 2019, providing a central platform to access a wide range of fully connected support services.

For several years, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has been developing its digital capabilities that enable molders to collect data to assist with internal production logistics, quality and efficiency. All of these R&D efforts have culminated in the modular system myConnect.

Visitors of K 2019 will be able to use connected terminals to see first-hand how myConnect will enhance customer service and be a launchpad for future data driven efficiency improvements.

Andreas Holzer, Director Customer Service at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag comments: “Not only have our molding technologies advanced to a level that delivers fast cycle  times, unparalleled process stability and market leading energy efficiency, now we can offer customers end to end processing traceability and the ability to monitor and reconcile data from numerous machine sources.”

The innovative and secure myConnect service package comprises five modules:

  • mySupport - For quick resolution of an issue, operators can use mySupport to request expert assistance. The central service team can connect directly and securely to individual machines, analyze the issues and suggest immediate solutions.
  • myDocumentation - myDocumentation connects directly to the central service department, the system automatically checks and issues the most recently updated documentation associated with each machine.
  • myPartsShop - Spare parts can now be ordered online via myPartsShop. To maximize efficiency and prevent the wrong parts being selected, catalogues are personalized to each machine. Ordered parts are typically dispatched to customers on the same day.
  • myConnectApp - myConnectApp allows customers to track production from any location. For increased traceability, a record of all key events is recorded in myLifeCycleLog.

Additional modules currently in development and coming soon include myProduction for enabling production managers to monitor the status of machines company and network wide; myMaintenance for providing oversight for all maintenance and service activities; and mySelfService for online support using smart glasses.

As a result of myConnect’s modular design, other productivity driven features can easily be introduced in 2020 to further enhance Sumitmo (SHI) Demag’s service support experience.


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