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Milacron Holdings Corp. recently announced that it will be displaying its industry-leading technologies including Milacron injection molding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners, control systems and co-injection, DME mold technology solutions, and industrial supplies at K 2019.

Milacron has combined the individual strengths of industry-leading product brands Ferromatik, Mold-Masters, DME, TIRAD, and CIMCOOL. It will focus on automotive, medical, packaging, and technical applications. Here’s a sample of what visitors can expect:


Milacron’s new Q-Series product line provides the latest servo-hydraulic technology in a toggle injection molding envelope. It can be built to suit ten tonnage offerings. The US 55 to 610 (500-5.500KN) ton machines support multiple injection frames, providing an extremely wide range of flexibility with each clamp tonnage. These combinations provide a wider range of molding opportunities.

The Q-Series has been designed to fit the high expectations of toggle performance while providing extraordinary value. Leveraging the use of a servo motor in combination with hydraulic components, Q-Series provides exceptional repeatability and energy savings.

The clamp kinematics provides enhanced velocities while delivering a smooth and accurate operation. The clamp design provides for better tonnage linearity allowing minimum tonnage to go lower than previous toggle designs.


The Elektron from Milacron provides clean, precise, efficient production in a full range of applications. It uses 60% less energy and 90% less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, reducing operating costs substantially.

The engineered parallel movements paired with the servo-driven axes make the Elektron ideal for the reliable production of high-precision parts with fast repeatable movements.

This series features a completely new, FEA-optimized clamp design with a greaseless part drop area and absolutely no hydraulic oil, making it ideal for cleanroom operations. A robust 5-point toggle system optimizes operation utilizing large mold opening strokes in a compact design.


The new Maxima Performance Series builds upon the highly successful Maxima platform. This enhanced platform delivers faster cycle times, wider platens, a precision greaseless clamp guided on linear bearings, and integrated auxiliary capability.

Maxima Servo is one of Milacron’s most energy-efficient machines. The servo-hydraulic machine provides up to 70% energy savings over similar machines, with a reduction in molding costs, maintenance costs, and heat load on the factory floor. In addition, the high-value injection molding machine combines the advantage of a precise and accurate 2-platen mechanism with advanced, user-friendly controls.

Cincinnati – CE

The Cincinnati is a new large tonnage, true two-platen machine designed to meet the demands of the global automotive, appliance, and other large part molding markets.

The enhanced machine specifications and performance are powered by proven Fanuc servo motor power packs for improved reliability, higher max mold weights, faster clamp speeds, and added tonnage sizes. The improved machine layout and enhanced access to the eject and die areas make operation, maintenance, and servicing easier.


M-Powered adds sophisticated data analytics through various applications to bridge the gap between the assets and plant monitoring, as well as taking MES-like functionality to the next level.

Leveraging the latest in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and data science, M-Powered provides unique insights and intelligence into the machine’s operations, allowing operators to stay ahead of maintenance and production issues with predictive analytics.

M-Powered connects parts, service, rebuilds & retrofits with the company’s preventative maintenance service to provide a unified, strong service and aftermarket offering through Milacron’s ServTek aftermarket brand: delivering greater operational efficiencies.


The M-Powered iMFLUX Module is the cutting-edge technology of adaptive processing control. Backed by years of processing exploration, the M-Powered iMFLUX Module will help to improve part quality, but also decrease the energy required to produce it.

As part of the M-Powered suite of tools, the iMFLUX Module and molding technology will allow for several real-time adjustments to mold and material changes. These real-time adjustments coupled with the other M-Powered analytical tools are designed to assist in improving OEE through adaptive process control.

Using iMFLUX, molders can increase productivity by up to 50% on existing injection molding machines. The process is ideal for most molding applications, but is especially advantageous for wide specification materials, recycled materials, and can help a biomaterial work for many more applications.

On top of the above innovations, Milacron will also present:

  • Counter-rotating twin extruders, single screw extruders, and die heads for extrusion systems;
  • ServTek, a line-up of services and tools for plastics processing machinery;
  • Mold-Masters SeVG+, anadvanced actuation control system;
  • DME Xpress mold base range; and
  • DME CoolingCare, a new automatic device for cleaning, diagnostics, and maintenance of mold cooling channels.

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