Negri Bossi at K2019

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Negri Bossi (NB) will be displaying four machines, with the focal point being the all new NOVAs600T at K 2019.

In addition to this, NB will also be showing two electric machines from its NOVA eT range as well as a 330 tonnes servo hydraulic machine.

The NOVA s600T comes from the NOVA sT range that is available from 600 to 1300 tonnes. NB says the new range has a unique toggle system that gives all benefits of a traditional toggle system whilst generating a footprint close to that of a two platen machine.

The NOVA eT range is from 50 to 350 tonnes. The machines feature the smart flex 2 clamp units specially designed for electric actuation and for reduced dry cycle times. 

The first NOVA e130T on stand fitted with a 40 mm barrier screw will run a mould, made by MOLMASA, to produce Roll On. This moulding solution for the packaging industry is a new patented method for producing high quality plastic blown bottles directly from the injection moulding machine.  

The second NOVA eT is a 220-tonne model that produces glass due to a four-impression mould made by FB Moulds.

Parts are extracted via a side entry SYTRAMA Robot and placed into the bagging line. This is an ideal application in which traditional machines struggle in terms of energy consumption and performance.

The fourth machine will be a 330 ton machine that produces a broom brush incorporating our FMC technology.

The NB AMICO 4.0. system dedicated to industry 4.0. will be shown on a display area where customers can see the latest developments achieved through the collaboration with its partner Open Plast.


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