Haitian International to present next-generation technology at K 2019

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Haitian International is to present its third generation technology at K 2019, with innovative new developments in hardware and software.

The third generation technology delivers even more efficiency, productivity, and new solutions.

The versatility of the electric product range has been greatly expanded, and the performance of the servo-hydraulic two-platen machines has been significantly increased.

Optimised drives and an open integration strategy for robotics and automation increase the scope for investment and flexibility in production.

Ongoing improvements and the consistent improvement of standard components such as motors result in higher performance but also higher overall resource savings.

Haitian will have live exhibits at K 2019, which will produce standard applications with recyclates or 100 per cent recyclable materials.

The exhibits are the patented world premiere of the new electric Zhafir injection unit, the Zhafir Venus III Series, which provides a clean and electrical solution for the medical market, the Zhafir Zeres F Series, a dynamic solutions for packaging, the Haitian Jupiter III Series, which is a compact solution for large automotive parts, and the Haitian Mars III Series, an economical solution for consumer goods.


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