K 2019: Yizumi to showcase single-step in-mold coating for replacing traditional process

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Yizumi will be presenting YizumiReactPro solution at K 2019, with a demonstration of a higher level of integration and intelligence.

Polyurethane is a kind of “smart” material, which can be soft and hard, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and self-repairing. It also features the advantages of flexible color combination, brightness, suitable for “smart inserts”.

Nowadays, the automotive interior parts have higher requirements on color, surface finishing and intelligence. Polyurethane has been used in interior parts such as dashboard, center console, door panel and smart home appliances. And the amount of use is increasing year by year.

YizumiReactPro polyurethane in-mold coating solution realizes the combination of injection molding and PUR in-mold coating technology in a single production step. Itadopts advanced mold technology, the InPUR '1+2' and can replace the traditional surface coating process with higher economic efficiency.

The solution is co-developed by Yizumi and Frimo. In February 2019, Yizumi and Frimo signed a long-term collaboration agreement on joint development and marketing of the “Injection Molding + PUR Process Combination Technology”.

Watch the video here:

Advantages of YizumiReactPro solution:

  • Avoid environmental pollution caused by coating process, more environmentally friendly;
  • Reduce production steps and shorten the cycle time;
  • PUR parts with thickness as low as 0.3mm can be produced, meets the design requirements in a better way and increase production as well as save costs;
  • No demoulding agent is needed in the entire process;
  • InPUR mold technology requires less investment than mechanical turntable technology;
  • By using PUR material, the part can achieve a high-quality, high-gloss surface, and it is not easily affected by the external environment and has properties, such as good environmental adaptability, scratch-resistance, chemical erosion-resistance and self-repair.

YizumiReactPro solution is mainly used in the upgrading of automobile interior parts (dashboards, door panels, A/B/C/D pillars, etc.), bringing better texture and showcasing a more high-end premium quality.

Simultaneously, there are also huge potential in the fields of 3C electronics and home appliances. Its high-gloss, self-restoration properties can bring more possibilities to product design.


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