motan colortronic to introduce new SPECTROPLUS dosing system at K 2019

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At K 2019, motan colortronic will introduce its new SPECTROPLUS dosing and mixing unit that can be adapted to the most diverse dosing requirements.

Specially developed for the extrusion and compounding sector, the SPECTROPLUS ensures perfect and constant dosing for continuous processes.

As one of the most flexible motan systems, the synchronous dosing and mixing unit can be supplied in either gravimetric of or volumetric versions, or a combination, and for both starve-fed and flood-fed extrusion systems.

Up to eight dosing modules are mounted on a frame and can easily be removed and installed without tools.

The exchangeable dosing modules as well as the easy-to-clean dosing hopper enable a quick material change and therefore shorter production downtimes.

The installation is not only simple, but also saves space due to its compact design.

Using simple individual adapters, the SPECTROPLUS can be mounted directly on the machine feeder of the extruder or on a customer-specific mezzanine.

To complete the unit, a completely new control system has been developed.

The SPECTROnet system can control not only motan’s own dosing modules, but also third-party ones, and has increased the scope of application through advanced software and new high-quality hardware.


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