Baerlocher to spotlight high-performance additives for recycling, RST technology and Erema Demo Day at K 2019

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Baerlocher will showcase its Baeropol T-Blends for recycling, the company’s RST (Resin Stabilization Technology) family of customisable stabilizer packages and several case studies showcasing Baerlocher’s successful collaborations with plastics industry partners at K 2019.

The company has also teamed up with Erema, a recycling machinery manufacturer, and the recycling technology company APK to conduct live demonstrations that will take place in the Erema Circonomic Centre.

The recycling of plastics is one of the central topics of Baerlocher's appearance at K 2019.

Baerlocher’s stand will feature the company’s 100 per cent active Baeropol T-Blend products. These dust-free, easy-to-implement additives are based on Baerlocher’s RST-platform that works in synergy with traditional antioxidants.

Baerlocher will also share its most recent and ongoing RST advancements, including the introduction of new grades that offer enhanced properties previously not associated with traditional recycling. The live demonstrations by Erema and APK will reveal how Baerlocher’s additive technologies can enable the upcycling of low-value, difficult-to-recycle consumer film waste into a material suitable for profitable products used in the construction sector.

Baerlocher management and technology experts will be available for the duration of K 2019 to discuss the company’s additive technologies and capabilities, plastics industry trends and other topics of interest.