Good Vibrations - Coperion K-Tron brings new feeding tech to K

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Coperion K-Tron has announced a completely new K3 line of vibratory feeders for dry bulk solids which will be exhibited at K 2019. 

The new feeder design features a unique, patent-pending drive system combined with an advanced control package, and the ability to achieve accuracies averaging 35 per cent better over traditional vibratory technologies. This new generation of Coperion K-Tron loss-in-weight vibratory feeders offers gentle handeling, higher accuracy and faster product changeover, resulting in less product waste, less downtime and better end product quality, as well as improved sustainability.

Significant advantages

These advantages are possible due to groundbreaking new technology. The key to achieving high accuracy is the ability to deliver a continuous, even product discharge with minimal pulsations, which the K3 vibratory drive does with a completely new shock absorber design. Conventional vibratory feeders use rubber or spring shock absorbers, which allow movement of the drive in all directions, resulting in rotational motion. In contrast, the K3 line uses a unique flexible pendulum technology which provides shock absorption only parallel to the desired direction of motion, eliminating rotational movement. This parallel motion ensures an even material flow of the product along the entire length of the tray.

The advanced control system and feeder electronics include internal sensors which measure acceleration, displacement, load, current and temperature at rates of up to 25,000 times per second. The fast-acting controller then adjusts the vibratory drive signal to maintain clean sinusoidal displacement for optimal mass flow. The combination of this unique drive with the Coperion K-Tron SmartConnex control system also results in extremely low energy consumption as compared to other feeding technologies.


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