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The pearlized and white-pearlized masterbatches of Tosaf's ZD family enable manufacturers of BOPP films to flexibly address specific requirements of their customers in the packaging and label industries.


When added during processing they ensure uniform film properties as opacity, gloss, and thickness, across the entire width, even when producing films with reduced density or high yield. At the same time, they contribute to stable production lines and thus high productivity.


Typical applications of Tosaf’s pearlized Masterbatches include packaging films for chocolate bars or lentils.


ZD masterbatches from Tosaf are suitable for the production of pearlized and white-pearlized films in a wide density range from 0.55 to 0.80 g/cm3, with ZD1738HP being optimized for up to 0.65 g/cm3 and ZD2446HP for medium to higher densities.


Typical applications include packaging for soap, confectionery, ice cream, baked goods, candy, and snacks. In the label sector for Wrap Around (WAL), In-Mold (IML), Cut & Stack and Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL).


In parallel with standard grades, Tosaf commercializes white-pearlized compounds based on different ratios of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide to match density, opacity, and whiteness. Films produced with ZD products can be metallized.


Saeed Agha, Product Manager for white & compounds at Tosaf, said, “The high quality of the films and the high production efficiency that can be achieved with the ZD masterbatches are the result of the expertise we have gained over many years of research and development work.”



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