On April 13, Tederic brought an innovative product lineup --- NEO series at Chinaplas, making a turning point for Tederic and entire industry.

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Terry Zheng (chairman of the board of Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd.), Mrs. Su (executive vice chairman of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association), Mr. Zhu (chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association), Mrs. Liang (general manager, Adsale Publishing Ltd.), and other important guests including industry experts were all present to witness this important milestone in the development history of Tederic.

Tederic's exhibition hall at Chinaplas

Important guests from the industry attended

Terry Zheng、Pamela took photos with Mrs. Liang (general manager, Adsale Publishing Ltd.),
Pamela Zheng, the manager of marketing department of Tederic shared the story of NEO with all guests, and thanks to all those who made for NEO. 

Pamela shared the story of NEO
Meanwhile, the well-known medias in the industry also asked questions to Tederic. In the explanation of the design highlights, industry competitiveness, market appeal and other aspects of NEO by experts from various departments of Tederic, the atmosphere of the new product launch event was pushed to a climax!

Media representatives asking questions

Mr. Yu(marketing director of Tederic) answering questions
Then,Terry Zheng、Pamela and other important leaderships jointly cut the ribbon for the new NEO high-end series, it also heralds the tederic group's strategic layout officially entered the new calendar, In the international injection molding machine industry stands at a new starting point. 

The important guests cut the ribbon together
After that,the guests discussed the features of the NEO series. 
With the guidance and description from the tederic staffs , the guests and partners watched three solutions, PLA spoon, high gloss plastic panel B pillar and medical centrifugal plastic cup. 

Tederic staffs introduced NEO·E

Tederic staffs introduced NEO·M

"PLA Spoon” by Tederic New Toggle clamping IMM

"Medical Centrifugal Plastic Cup” by Tederic New high-end full electric IMM
The successful holding of this press conference officially opened a brilliant new chapter in the history of Tederic. The transformation and innovation achievements brought by NEO series are not only the reformation of Tederic Group in the injection molding industry, but also the pre-arrangement of Tederic for future injection molding production. After nearly two decades of development, Tederic is still actively exploring new development way. Let's see what NEO will do in the future.

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